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Black Comedy set in Froxvale in 1953, the year of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the conquest of Everest.
A resident nurse is murdered in the early hours, though her death is dismissed as accidental or suicidal - despite there having been two almost identical preceding events.

There have been rumours that the residents are badly treated and all is far from well in the home. The Cluedo Five, no strangers to unorthodox behaviour despite their age, are diverted from their routine when the replacement nurse reveals problems of her own...

BEWARE!: Don't Cross Old People Here! (The Froxvale Chronicles Book 1)

Life seems too good in picturesque Froxwell, though the healthy nature of the village doesn’t suit everyone. Embittered by recent lack of trade, undertaker "Snuffy" Bedford conspires with cronies in a scheme to produce sufficient funds for early retirement. Local GP “Doc’s” reluctance to participate presents a stumbling block, though a development renders him more vulnerable to persuasion.

Along with the doctor's services come those of his newly found acquaintance Joe, an Italian ex-war prisoner who refused to go home when peace was declared.

As the conspiracy comes together, however, the schemers realise they possess neither the stomachs or malevolence to pursue their original plan. The guileful undertaker though, comes up with a mutually acceptable compromise and all appears to be on track despite intervention by the local bobby. Then Sneyd - a nauseating worm with a penchant for blackmail - intervenes, and insists that, as originally planned, "death must go on."

By this time the local constabulary have - for altogether the wrong reasons - taken an interest in goings on in Froxwell, and converge on the conspirators… adding more confusion than they eliminate.

Following his mother Julie's apparent suicide, thirteen-year-old Rick escapes from care to search for his supposed father, one-time rock star Paddy Benton. Rick wants to prove his mother was murdered, but he is abducted whilst on the run. 

Paddy, an alcoholic, has never acknowledged any connection with Rick, though his employees, Eddy and Mack, set out to find the youth. In doing so they uncover tenuous links between Rick’s mother, Julie, and a dark world of murder and racial hatred.

Whilst still in rehab, Paddy is at last persuaded that Rick is his son, though his sobriety is threatened on learning that the boy may be seriously ill. Then, by chance, Paddy learns that Julie was murdered, and determines to prove so for Rick's sake.

Although there's little doubt as to who's responsible for the deaths, it seems the guilty parties will escape justice. Eddy and Mack have ideas, but Paddy, having regained his self-worth, has also formulated a plan...

Young siblings Katie & Ted differ from native frogs; they have little knowledge of their distant cousins and less still of their own forebears. In the absence of parents, they have - since emerging from the pool they were spawned in - been sheltered and schooled by an ageing toad. They also differ in appearance to the common frog, having inherited leathery chocolate skin, an aversion to chilly weather and a dread of water! The challenges these differences present don’t help when they are forced to flee their cosy winter lodgings for safer refuge within the grounds of a manor-house.
On the advice of a hamster living in semi-captivity within the old house, they find winter shelter in a scale-model boat called Lucy-Ella.
On awakening from hibernation the following spring, they set about making Lucy-Ella their permanent home and are prompted to learn more about a legendary world outside the wall surrounding the manor: ‘Beyond the Lock’ is a fabled realm on the other side of a canal lock. The lock provides the only safe way out of the grounds, but even that sounds like the stuff of dreams.
Although still relatively innocent, Ted is more street-wise than younger sister Katie and inclined to be protective towards her, though both are compelled to learn quickly as events unfold. Matters, they discover, are rarely as they seem, and sightings of more powerful and sinister looking frogs does little for their peace of mind.  

Beyond The Lock: Full Edition (The Chocolate Frogs)

Beyond The Lock: Full Edition (The Chocolate Frogs)

Following a run-in with his ex-wife's creditor's, Greg Alison decides to uproot. Quickly! Morally and physically bankrupt, all he has is his faithful old dog, a wedge of cash he's managed to squirrel away and a tourer caravan to live in.

He plans to do little other than eat, sleep and drink the days away in an idyllic Cornwall village, though a chance opportunity to see his children in Southern France proves too good to miss.

The trip doesn't work out and all is not as he would have hoped in Trevelly on his return... forcing him to make himself scarce.


Greg uses the change of location as an opportunity to chase some "Pirate's Gold," and with the help of new friends - Wyndham in Bromyard, and Eddy King in Trevelly - he uncovers much more than he's bargained for.

Closing the circle he's opened proves a more intricate and difficult task than than he's encountered...