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  1. A Bit About Me



Thank you firstly for visiting my site; I hope to be adding more as and when I progress. Which is rarely fast.

I'll start with just a few lines about myself, though not enough - I hope - to bore you. I learnt from my yarn-telling, bar-propping days, to stop when I saw subtle signs of boredom...like people leaving the room with glazed expressions or sticking pins in their eyes.

I've been writing for quite a few years now, my chosen genre from the outset being thrillers... for no reason other than I’ve always loved reading them.

I’ve extended my field in a very different direction with my latest tale in that it's a children's book with illustrations - though I've been doing cover designs since I began writing. Whether my target range - from primary-school to retirement-home - will find a market is anyone's guess, but I thoroughly enjoy doing it and that makes it worthwhile for me. 


When I was much younger, I loved telling stories (mainly tall ones) so not much has changed really. I just hope I'm a little more convincing these days. Writing developed from there - at six I realised that less nerve is needed to tell stories on paper than in public, and if they're rubbish no-one need know Yes, I've written some rubbish and don’t doubt that there are people who will bear testament to that!

I have a lot of interests, though one of my greatest passions is the narrowboat my wife and I bought (in shell and engine form) and fitted out. Moving at walking speed on a mode of transport introduced in the 17 hundreds is my idea of heaven. That might also give you some indication as to how much of a go-getter I am.

I like to think that most of my hobbies are in some way creative: painting, computer graphics, photography ... and of course writing... and all of them are sedentary enough to pursue while we're out on the boat. Too old for most active sports (and never brilliant either) I try to keep fit by swimming regularly - at least five times weekly - and walking.

Including the children's book, 'Beyond The Lock,' I've written 7 full-length books to date - five are on Kindle and will hopefully be available in print by now.

Although Death Must Go On (not, you'll have guessed, the children's book) was a complete departure from my other stuff - my first full length attempt at black comedy in fact- it has to date drawn most comments. Not all kind, but the fact that readers have taken pleasure from it has made the effort worthwhile. Without giving too much away, the ending doesn’t lend itself to sequels, but I have written another yarn (BEWARE! Don't Cross Old People Here!) which takes place in the same area and includes many of the same characters. More of that is included in the book section on the next page.

I welcome ANY comments and correspondence at mac@macfletcher.uk


Thanks very much for taking the time to read this. There is more about my work and projects in hand on the following pages... assuming you haven't started looking for pins yet.



Mac Fletcher





Posted below are some links to independent reviews and published work:





Beyond The Lock                           https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08RZGMTT4/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_YiI-Fb1Z59WE5

Death Must Go On!                        http://amzn.eu/dvEOzfu

Beware! Don't Cross Old People Here      https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08PG16XHP/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_hgI-FbBCPT426

The Circle Now Is Made,                  http://amzn.eu/1GfXkvN  

Forever April,                              http://amzn.eu/6dNk5xf