Lucy Sinks Slowly in Frog's Bottom Pond

Thunder- Falls Lock

Throgg & Arthrogg                                                       Baby Bun, the Reluctant Owl

Through the Lock


A Shortly to be Published illustrated Children's Book

Young siblings Katie & Ted are different to native frogs; they have little knowledge of their cousins and less still of their own forebears. In the absence of parents, they have - since emerging from the pool they were spawned in - been sheltered and schooled by an ageing toad. They also differ in appearance to the common frog, having inherited leathery chocolate skin, an aversion to chilly weather and a dread of water! The challenges these differences present don’t help when they are forced to flee their cosy winter lodgings for safer refuge within the grounds of a local manor-house.

On the advice of a hamster living in semi-captivity within the old house, they find winter shelter in a scale-model boat called Lucy-Ella.

When they awake from hibernation the following spring, they set about making Lucy-Ella their permanent home and are prompted to learn more about a legendary world outside the wall enclosing the manor. Although still relatively innocent, Ted is more street-wise than younger sister Katie and inclined to be protective towards her, though both are compelled to learn quickly as events unfold. Matters, they discover, are rarely as they seem.


A sinister looking, almost lizard-like frog is spotted near the boat and Katie almost falls victim to a sharp-witted crow, though these events don’t dull their inherent curiosity. They are even more intrigued on learning that the only safe access to the fabled outside world is through a canal lock situated in the imposing wall of the grounds. To take their boat, Lucy-Ella, through the lock seems an impossibility - especially without help, so they plan to enlist Albert the hamster's assistance – a far more involved task than they anticipate.

In time, though not without event, a motley crew is assembled… and their journey gets under way, though there are more escapades in store before the climax of their adventure.

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